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Are you struggling with overwhelm and doubt

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When you think of the word discipline what comes to mind?  I am a rule follower so I am disciplined, right?  I used to think discipline as a form of punishment or have negative thoughts about this word for various reasons, but not anymore.  In elementary I was nominated and awarded the female outstanding student award.  In college, I received honor on my diploma.  I tell you this so you know that my entire life I feel that I have been disciplined.  What does discipline mean to you?  I heard that the key ingredient to the success recipe is discipline.  I also learned that being self-disciplined, a person has the ability to control their feelings and overcome their weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.  The last couple of years I had an “aha” moment when I realized my life was missing self-discipline.  My mindset of discipline was based on negative feelings and I was actually the one holding myself back.  Today I am embracing discipline as I set goals and achieve them.  I am actively working a financial goal to be debt free and I can see financial freedom in my near future.  I would like to challenge the way you look at discipline.  In Oola, discipline is an Oola Accelerator.  If you have will power but are struggling with overwhelm and doubt this post is meant for you.

I heard that our thoughts become our feelings and our feelings become our actions and this resonated with me.  It takes me longer than most to accomplish what I set out to do because I process what needs to be done and then I contemplate doing it because I become insecure about it or second guess what I am doing.  By nature, I take on roles and responsibility because I am always working on becoming a better version of myself and I have a heart for helping others so I volunteer.  At this season in my life, I am on a tremendous learning curve, balancing multiple streams of income, and living outside my comfort zone.  We are living in times that appear that we can wave a magic wand and get instant results.  Have we lost discipline?  Technology is wonderful, but on the flip side it can be distracting.  Are you dealing with information overwhelm?  Do me a favor and go to your email inbox.  How many messages do you have?  At the beginning of this year, I had over 20,000 in my inbox!  Yes, there are four zeros in 20,000.  I took action and my inbox is now manageable.  I made a commitment to myself that I would never let it get out of control.  This is one example, I have several, but the point is, I was allowing communication and information start creating stress and overwhelm even in my inbox!  This past year everyone experienced some type of change and we all had to pivot in some fashion.  I mentioned earlier that I manage multiple streams of income and some of the changes that I experienced was learning new platforms and process changes.  My mind started spinning on information overload.  Even worse, I put off things because I did not know where to start and I was becoming indecisive.  My mind would not slow down unless I was sleeping.  This is not the first time in my life that I have experienced this feeling.  In my previous career, our company was acquired multiple times and each time new systems and processes had to be relearned.  Along with the new company came new corporate cultures and new management and lots of change.  The last acquisition my position was eliminated shortly after 32 years.  During this time, my personal life was going through a difficult time.  I was allowing a family situation pull me different directions and emotionally it was draining and a huge distraction.  Life was becoming overwhelming.  What changed?  I learned self-discipline is being focused and this is when I starting embracing the Oola framework.

Have you ever heard that in mindset you will be given more when you learn to manage what you have now?  Let me repeat this.  You will be given more when you learn to manage what you have now.  I changed.  This is where I learned to apply discipline.  Perhaps you will be benefit from the following tips that I use.

My tips for creating a discipline mindset

  1. Take a mental assessment to determine how you feel about discipline. Where are you?
  2. Get organized by clearing the clutter. This may be a brain dump by writing everything down.
  3. Set SMART goals
    1. Put the goals where you can see them and read them daily
    2. Take action every day to move you closer to achieving your goals
  4. Use time management techniques to be intentional with your time
    1. Use a focus app to stay focused
    2. Use block out on your calendar to work on what it is that you want to accomplish
    3. Set phone reminders or use Google, Alexa, Siri
  5. Be Persistence. Remember an Olympian does not earn a gold medal without practice.
  6. Learn to say no
  7. Be true to yourself

Learn to be disciplined.  Change your habits, change your life!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. – Jim Rohn

Til then,

Be Grateful Have Faith and Go Get Your Oola Life

Kelle Cathey is a wife, step-mom, and Certified Oola Life and Finance Coach pursing a life of purpose.  Keep up with her Oola journey at