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Breakthrough Experience

This is me one year ago. It is incredible how much I have grown as a person this past year. I know the year is not officially over, but today I want to reflect on my journey. Several years ago, my friends gifted me an autographed book by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. The name of the book - Oola Find Balance In An Unbalanced World. The Oola formula focuses on 7 keys areas that you need to balance and grow to live the life of your dreams. I read the book and concluded that my life was pretty balanced; most of my life has been. I know how to set and achieve goals. I put myself through college to earn an Associates degree and later a Bachelors. I work hard, have a high level of integrity, and I am a servant leader. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. I am a self learner, process creator, and I love personal development. I have always felt grown up. I grew up fast. I started a professional career very young. What I realized is that there was an area that I felt was missing; I just didn't know what it was. I never took the time to get know myself "ever" This is funny - you know you get security questions - What is your favorite food? I had a hard time answering that question!
This year my WOY is "Purpose" The reason I exist. I have spent this year soul searching "me" I have learned so much about myself.
This year I have spent time creating and building my own website (which is still a work in progress. I am working on my personal brand and content) and I started a blog.) All of this has opened my eyes to how much I did not know myself. My purpose is unfolding before my very eyes. This is SO "Oola"
My Oola journey snapshot -
👉Fitness - I am actively managing my physical and mental health. I am taking better care of my body more than I ever have. (sometimes sleep deprived but all worth it) Thanks to my friend for promoting the planking challenge a while back; I adopted this technique. I started taking supplements and I drink water as my preferred beverage. I have grown to appreciate yoga. I love the Beach Body app.
👉Finance - I am on a mission to be debt free. I have a date for this goal. My honey and I are on the same page. This year we have seen debts turn to paid in full. We have an emergency fund set up.
👉Family - Our family is growing.  This season has also been challenging.
👉Field - This year, I have been working on building a website, community, and putting a tremendous amount of time for self development to grow and brand my coaching business. I am still an Ambassador for Young Living. I also work in customer service outside the home.
👉Faith - My faith walk is so much stronger and this past year my maker has definitely carried me more than once. I have cried out to him in prayer (literally). Mediating and taking up journaling this year have given me an outlet to get "it/the clutter" out of my head.
👉Friends - I have met new friends and embraced old friendships.
👉Fun - I have learned to fold a fitted sheet, cook numerous new recipes, and I recently started learning calligraphy.
What I learned is that you don't need a new year or a new day to start over. You only need a new mindset. (this is in my Oola calendar and it helps to remind me it's up to me) I have a choice.
Why do I share this? I want you to find you.
What is my purpose? My purpose is to lead others to rebuild their self-worth so that I might inspire them to be decisive by living intentionally and creating the life they deserve.
The 7th reason to read the Oola book is *Unlock the secrets to taking your life to the next level. I have a purpose. I have mission and a vision. I have goals. I have dreams. This has been a breakthrough year!
What's holding you back from your Oola life?