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I'm Bored

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When my children were little, I remember the pain of having to work and having to take them to daycare during summer break.  There was a moment in time when I was the sole provider and working an 8-5 job was normal.  Even after my husband and I married I worked to contribute because we were not in a financial position for me to have the freedom to quit.  When my kids reached a certain age, I allowed them to stay at home.  It was common that I would come home for lunch to check on them, to take them somewhere, or pick them up.

There are 10 years between my youngest and oldest.  When my daughter was ten, she went through a season of watching cooking shows.  One day she called me at work and asked what time I was coming home for lunch.  As a mom, you wonder “why” she wanted to know what time that I would be coming home.  Once I walked in, I was greeted with a prepared lunch that consisted of a happy sandwich served on a paper Christmas plate with a plastic toothpick for the mouth.  This is a sweet memory that I cherish.

Kids often claim that they are bored and in the summertime this feeling escalates.  One of the things that I taught my children was to make list.  When they were bored, I would encourage them to find their list of things to do.  The last few years I have made an intentional effort to declutter.  Occasionally, I find a list that my youngest created.  For your enjoyment I have included below one of her list:


  1. Play with dogs/feed animals
  2. Video games
  3. Dress up
  4. Ball
  5. Color
  6. TV
  7. Computer learning games
  8. Remote control cars
  9. Clean
  10. Read/homework
  11. Draw*friends*
  12. Bored games
  13. Jump
  14. Karaoke
  15. Movies
  16. Volleyball
  17. Chalk games
  18. Makeovers
  19. Play hand held games
  20. Listen to music
  21. Play outside
  22. Swim
  23. Computer
  24. Beads
  25. Eat a popsicle


When I look back if I could change one thing it would be able to have been financially free to be able to stay at home with my children, to have quality time, and to build everlasting memories.  Embrace your family and cherish the memories made along the way.

Til then,

Kelle Cathey

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