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Success is different for everyone.

What does success look like to you?

What do you enjoy doing and what would it feel like if you lived successfully?

One of the definitions of success is one that succeeds.

One thing that I found in researching this topic is that success is achievable!  Success is believing and action!

 Success -

  • takes dedication every day
  • takes believing in yourself
  • it is what your heart desires
  • starts with you, and it starts with a dream
  • takes time sitting still to define success
  • depending on the season of life the definition of success can change

"Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso

To succeed use your time wisely.

Most people are searching for something.  I believe we already have within us what we need to be successful.   We need to stop searching and soul search to find what really matters to us.  What are our values. We need to sit still and think about the future.  What is success?

“Success doesn’t come to you.  You go for it.” – Marva Collins

The first thing one must do is to define what success looks like for them.  This process is hard for so many people.  I surveyed the “humans” closest to me and was disappointed that they don’t feel that success is achievable and accept the life they are currently living.

There is no magic wand and there is no luck.  Success is achievable.  Success takes action.

One must first know what success looks like and then believe that it is possible to achieve success.

I read and believe that the most important work that we will ever do is deciding what we really want, get clarity, set our priorities, and make a life plan.  Success is doing what you were designed to do.  It is enjoying what you do and it doesn’t feel like work.

What does success look like to you?

Click this link for Tips for Success Checklist.pdf 

There are seven steps to success.  Click and open this link to learn about the seven steps to success #CanvaDesignChallenge Magazine Cover with 3D Elements.jpg and scan the QR code or sign up here for the Seven Steps of Success Course 

Til then,

I wish you success,

Kelle Cathey