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Family and Hope

Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  I love Martin Luther King Jr’s quote – “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  Someone once told me that you cannot offer hope.  I don’t agree with that.  I believe that “hope” is powerful and can make a difference in life.

My mom’s only brother is my Uncle.  He never married nor does he have any kids.  He lives by himself, lives on a limited income, and does not have a vehicle.  A couple of years ago I started having lunch with my Uncle.  I simply started taking him lunch and hoped that he would have something to look forward to during the week.  What happened?  I actually grew in the process, and I started looking forward to our lunch dates.  Each visit I would learn about him and learn lessons from him just by observing him.  Sometimes we would sit in silence.  Sometimes we would talk.  I always left with more that I came with as far as peace, simplicity, and gratitude.

My Aunt was taking care of his financial responsibilities and paying his bills up until July of last year.  When she became ill, I stepped up and let the family know that I would take over this responsibility.  I have learned that sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.  This journey has opened my eyes and has me asking lots of questions and conducting a lot of research.

He is 79 years old and currently in the hospital.  The last two days his demeanor has changed.  I don’t see the sparkle in his eyes.  I found some ways to spread sunshine and bring hope to him that I hope to share with him in the days ahead.

  1. I will stay connected. I will continue to visit him even though today he told me to go away.
  2. I will let him know that his journey may not be easy, but he has what it will take to get through it.
  3. I will sit quietly with him and pray for him.

My family has always been important to me.  I respect my Uncle and I am thankful that we shared so many times breaking bread together.  My family is strong, and we have a strong connection and look after each other.  Family is a source of support and love.  My hope is that my Uncle does not lose his strength and willpower before we can get him moved from the hospital to another facility to provide skilled nursing.

Throughout this I have learned to continue to hope for the best.  Hope can increase happiness and reduce stress and improve our quality of life.  Hope is important.  My Uncle is important to me.

Til then,

Kelle Cathey

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